Edmond Masjedi

Edmond Masjedi is a premier entrepreneurial talent, who has always stood by his convictions and never felt reluctant to act on his gut instincts.

Edmond Masjedi – A Symbol of Success

Edmond Masjedi is a living example of perfection that has crossed over great boundaries and he continues to pursue excellence.  The insatiable hunger for the success he is imbued with, however, has prompted him to go beyond limits. Having a good enough grasp of business principles of all kinds, Masjedi seems to have been endowed with a Midas touch. Edmond Masjedi has achieved success out of the several business endeavors he has undertaken so far.

Masjedi started his career by heading into IPPC, one of the renowned plastic extrusion companies in the USA. After years of dedication and hard work, the company witnessed unparalleled success and claimed over 50% of the retail market share in the year 2000. Other than this, Edmond Masjedi was also associated with Warner Inc., one of the major exporters of Levis Jeans. The company to showed booming success and set itself among the top-notch entities in the textile export business.

Edmond Masjedi began with his own new venture into the world of residential and commercial real estate business and managed the construction projects of multiple single-family residential establishments. Masjedi used high-quality material and the latest construction standards and stressed on providing the best value for money for its customers.

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