Edmond Masjedi

Edmond Masjedi is a premier entrepreneurial talent, who has always stood by his convictions and never felt reluctant to act on his gut instincts.

Edmond Masjedi and his High Self Esteem

Everybody is not endowed with natural entrepreneurial talent. When it comes to venturing forth the road not yet traveled, everybody is not fulfilled with the courage to accept challenges. There are very few souls who move ahead to take up all challenges and fight for their success. Edmond Masjedi is one such archetypal modern entrepreneur who passed over his doubt and stood by his firm beliefs.

One night, Edmond Masjedi’s wife Shannon demanded him to prepare a special and unique dessert for her. In order to please his wife, he decided to introduce a small proportion of alcohol content into his ice cream mixture, hoping that it would create something different. This was a turning point in his life.   There was no looking back for him since then. After his homemade trials became a success, Edmond Masjedi collaborated with a few mixologists, food scientists, and chefs aiming to perfect the taste, texture, and alcohol content. He mixed some alcohol content in his ice pops and ice creams to give your taste buds a lingering pleasure.

Edmond Masjedi has extensive business features that helped him to make wise and timely decisions. He believes that leadership and confidence are largely responsible for the success of any business. Along with this professional expertise, he was also dedicated to helping out others in every way possible. He is a regular volunteer at Penny Lane and St. Jude foundation. He is a true encouragement for young entrepreneurs.

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Edmond Masjedi - Passion for Success

With years of hard work, Edmond Masjedi, a successful business entrepreneur has achieved great success. His dedicated personality has helped him to attain success in every business venture in whichever he has been involved. He has always focused on meeting and fulfilling the needs and requirements of his clients. His positive outlook has helped him to obtain fruitful results. Edmond Masjedi is always open to new and innovative ideas and tries his best to work on them and satisfy his customers. As a dedicated professional, Edmond Masjedi follows a healthy approach towards life and his work perspective and considers challenges and opportunities for success. He is an esteemed professional with excellent business oriented mind. He makes sure to take wise and timely decisions. A high level of confidence and leadership skills are the greatest reasons for the success of every business.

Edmond Masjedi undeniably believes in possessing business knowledge of various sectors. He always makes sure to keep his things up to date and inspiration is one of the greatest factors to develop such a significant skill. Masjedi had quite simple and specific business values that he worked on and followed throughout his life, which helped him to become the person that he is today. Edmond Masjedi believed in offering high-quality products to his clients at a reasonable price. If one wants to see the end product of his business strategy then one must ponder on the work he is carrying out in the beer and wine industry. The success of international plastics and real estate sector in the LA Country has got a lot to do with the entrepreneurship skills of Edmond.

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Diversified Success of Edmond Masjedi

Everybody is gifted with some or the other type of natural talent. When it comes to traveling the road not yet traveled, then there are a very few brave souls who take up the challenge and accepts it as it is. The exceptional modern entrepreneur, Edmond Masjedi has passed over every obstacle and has stood by his beliefs.

One day, Edmond Masjedi’s wife Shannon requested him to prepare a unique and special dessert for her. To create something exclusive, he eventually decided to introduce an alcohol-infused ice pops and ice creams, hoping that it would add some value and make him renowned. True to his creative thought, Edmond used his creative skills and came up with something that was out of the box. Edmond Masjedi worked with a few food specialists and chefs to create this unique dessert that speaks it all on his behalf. Edmond added some alcohol content to an ice cream and as a result of all this what came out is what speaks it all. This dessert was specifically served to an audience above the age of 21 as it contained alcohol. This was a turning point in his life. Since then, there was no turning back for him. He forged ahead with his unique ideas to script a success story for himself. Edmond Masjedi has many years of experience in the field of business and has developed many businesses. Other than this, he has also been a part of many charitable organizations. Masjedi states that a person’s success is measured by how useful they are for the society and who they are connected with. Little did he know that it would become the defining moment of his entrepreneur career. He applied his business philosophy of providing high-quality products at incredibly discounted rates.

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Edmond Masjedi Reaches onto the Top in Major Markets across the Country

If you do not want to regret about something in your later life then the best thing is to start following your dreams from today and this is the idea that Edmond Masjedi started with. A prominent businessperson, Edmond Masjedi has recently come up with great business plans and has come up with latest alcohol based ice creams and ice pops. Masjedi has a strong grasp of various business principles. He knows it well how to make a business into success. Over the years, he has built up several businesses and has achieved great success in all of them. His ability as a business tycoon has generated unbelievable business opportunities. He has tried out his hands in the real estate sector as well as in the beer and technology industry.

Not only this, but Edmond Masjedi was also associated with Warner Inc, a company which was once the largest exporters of Levis Jeans and was exporting to the top retailers and wholesalers all across Europe. With the dedication of Masjedi, the company progressed by leaps to associate itself with the leaders in the textile export business. Edmond Masjedi’s achievements perfectly signify his enthusiasm and his powerful passion when it comes to entrepreneurship. His business principles were quite straightforward and precise. If one needs to ponder upon his work and accomplishments then one must go through his work done in the wine and beer industry and a few famous and big projects in the real estate segment. Edmond has also been involved in the residential as well as commercial real estate as a developer as well as builder and has built up multiple residences in LA Country. He provides the best value for money to his customers by using high-quality material for buildings of all kinds. Other than these two businesses, Edmond was also involved in the plastic industry.

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Edmond Masjedi – A Born Entrepreneur

There are individuals who are gifted with entrepreneurial qualities. Such people are clear about what business they want to do that will help them to reach heights. Edmond Masjedi happens to be one such person and whatever he has touched has turned to gold. His initial efforts were in the world of plastics, where Edmond Masjedi rose to the role of president IPPC and took the company to an extraordinary level.

Edmond Masjedi then moved on to the world of fashion, where he associated with Warner Inc. During his time with the company, he ensured that Warner was one of the leaders when it came to exporting the world famous brand, Levis. During his tenure, the company maintained its top spot and achieved profits beyond his belief.

He also worked in the world of real estate, where he not only sold some unbelievable properties but also created unique homes for single families, all over the LA County area. Nowadays, Edmond Masjedi is concentrating on building new brands in the world of food and beverage. He started with distributing high-end wines and beers at unbelievable rates and is now in the process of creating a brand new beer line, which will be created especially for the bargain customers. An experiment in the kitchen meant to please his wife, soon emerged as Snobar, one of the only premium alcohol based ice cream in the world. The creative mind of Edmond, combined with his astounding skills, has taken him to great heights and it looks like there are more heights for him to reach! A huge queue is seen outside his outlet, as people from all around come to taste this unique creation.

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Edmond Masjedi – An Entrepreneur with Unparalleled Self Belief

A living example of quality, Edmond Masjedi has transcended the limitations of success and he carries on to engage in quality with a single-minded focus of attention. With the achievements he has nestled tuck in his buckle, anybody else in his place would have relaxed on their laurels. The pressing starvation for achievement he is ingrained with, however, has persuaded him to go beyond boundaries. Lately, Masjedi declared his plans to move out a new drink called Papas Alcohol.

Having a good enough understand of organization concepts of all kinds, Edmond Masjedi seems to have been gifted with the Midas touch. He has made achievements out of several organization efforts he has performed so far.

Masjedi Sets New Requirements

He advancing up IPPC, one of the well known plastic extrusion companies in the USA. The organization experienced unmatched achievements under his stewardship and stated over 50% of the retail store business in 2000. Additionally, Edmond Masjedi was associated with Warner Inc., one of the major exporters of Levis Denims to the top suppliers and merchants in European countries. The organization obtained definite achievements under the aegis of Masjedi and set itself among the top-notch organizations in the fabric trade organization.

Masjedi Aims for Greater Feats

Edmond Masjedi started a venture into the world of personal and commercial property organization and handled the development tasks of several individual family personal businesses in the LA Nation. Masjedi pressured on supplying the best value for money for the customers and used high-quality material and the newest development standards in tasks of any size.    

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Edmond Masjedi – An Embodiment of Superiority

Edmond Masjedi is a business entrepreneur to say the least. As it is rightly said ‘pursue your dreams and don’t look for shortcuts’. His success has come over many years, as he has always embarked on business ventures in industries that interest him. Everyone is not endowed with natural entrepreneurial talent. When one is traveling on the road to success, everyone is not ready to accept the challenge. But Edmond is an exception. He is always ready to accept any sort of challenges. There are only a few brave souls step up to the task and see how it passes off. Edmond Masjedi is an exemplary modern entrepreneur, who passed on every reasonable doubt and stood by his beliefs. Masjedi certainly believes in diversifying business knowledge in a number of industries. He has owned and operated a number of independent businesses and has learned the value of personalizing certain endeavors.

Edmond Masjedi is a great personality who has a great quality to always think out of the box and work hard towards his goals. And it was this extraordinary talent of his, which made him work on his alcohol infused ice-pops and ice cream parlor Snobar. One fine evening his wife, Shannon requested him to prepare a delicious and unique dessert for him, which showed his uniqueness. With the help of a few chefs and food scientists, he mixed alcohol into a mixture of ice cream. What came out was something distinctive that was admired by all. This creation of his was for the elder group as it contained alcohol content. Thus with his hard work and talent, Edmond is seen to have an illustrious future in front of him, and Edmond Masjedi has every ingredient to make it all the more extraordinary.

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