Edmond Masjedi

Edmond Masjedi is a premier entrepreneurial talent, who has always stood by his convictions and never felt reluctant to act on his gut instincts.

Edmond Masjedi and the Success Story of his SnoBar

The hard working entrepreneurial, Edmond Masjedi has always been led by his fabulous instincts. With honourable business skills, he has become successful within a very short time span. Edmond Masjedi has a courteous attitude towards the things that are available to him which also becomes a reason for his success. He has turned the stones into business and is set as a great example for people who are new in the business industry.  Through his dedication and excellent thinking, he has shown the path to success.  His motivation provides every aspiring businessman with a forward-looking approach to take his business on the top.  He is one such business personality who happens to be one such individual, because irrespective of the career that he chooses, he was able to achieve success at it. He tried his hand at many fields such as real estate, technology, food and more. However, it was in the food and beverage industry that he hit the ball. His expertise has afforded incredible business opportunities, all of which he has made for himself.

One night, in an attempt to make something special for his beautiful wife Shanon, Edmond Masjedi decided to add some alcohol to an ice cream base that he was creating and what he tasted was something truly incredible. Edmond Masjedi understood that he was on the cusp of something great and the foundation for Snobar was hence laid. After working with several talented and experienced chefs, Edmond Masjedi was able to perfect his icy cocktails and he knew that he had successfully created a brand of ice creams, which were meant only for an adult audience, but would most certainly make them happy and excited.  Thus today it is this SnoBar outside which we see a number of individuals queued up in lines.