Edmond Masjedi

Edmond Masjedi is a premier entrepreneurial talent, who has always stood by his convictions and never felt reluctant to act on his gut instincts.

Edmond Masjedi Reinvents Success

Edmond Masjedi is a successful businessperson with years of business expertise.  He has achieved great success in every field that he has been a part. Edmond Masjedi always worked hard and took care that the needs of his customers are duly met. The extraordinary approach of his has helped him to obtain surprising results. Masjedi is a great personality who is always willing to take up any challenges that come across his way. He is a great personality who accepts all problems happily. He is always open to take up new ideas and thoughts. With his hard work and dedication, he continues to excel in different areas of the business world.

As a business entrepreneur, Edmond Masjedi has a strong grasp of different business principles and he knows how to build up success for a business. Through his talent, he has built several businesses over the years and attained great success in all these business actions. Not only this, but he has been associated with Warner Inc., a company that was once the largest exporter of Levis Jeans that was exporting to some of the top retailers and wholesalers all across Europe.

Other than this, he was also involved in residential as well as commercial real estate buildings and has built multiple single-family residences in LA Country. Apart from his various businesses, he has also been a part of various charitable organizations. Edmond Masjedi believes that a person’s success is measured by how useful they are for the society and the people. In addition, the greatest achievement of his in today’s time is his SnoBar parlor, where we find alcohol-infused ice creams and ice pops. It is this place where we see a number of individuals queued up in lines.

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