Edmond Masjedi

Edmond Masjedi is a premier entrepreneurial talent, who has always stood by his convictions and never felt reluctant to act on his gut instincts.

Edmond Masjedi - A Model of Entrepreneurial Expertise

There is a rare breed of people who are true entrepreneurs and no matter which business they sink their feet into, they succeed. These are the type of people who have an idea and then are willing to go the lengths to ensure that the idea becomes a reality and then moves on towards immense success. Edmond Masjedi happens to be one of them – a born entrepreneur who has what has long been known as the Midas touch. This man has the ability to turn into gold, whatever he touches, but his magic lies in his determination and hard work.

From the time Edmond Masjedi started his professional life, he knew that the only way to true success was to work hard and with dedication. He started his career in the world of plastics, and with his hard work, Edmond Masjedi took it to a position wherein, his company held more than half the market share of drinking straws. He then moved his attention to the garment industry and worked with Warner Inc., which rose to the position of becoming one of the foremost exporters of Levi’s Jeans to Europe.

The fact that he has also dabbled in areas such as real estate and food and beverage shows that he is not someone who is bound by imaginary boundaries. Whether it is building exclusive houses for single families or creating frozen treats, meant especially for adults, there is little that Edmond has not done and whatever Edmond Masjedi has started, he has made sure that he takes to the greatest heights of success!