Edmond Masjedi

Edmond Masjedi is a premier entrepreneurial talent, who has always stood by his convictions and never felt reluctant to act on his gut instincts.

Edmond Masjedi's Motivation for A Successful Future

There are innumerable people who sit idle thinking that success would come to them on its own one day. However, this is not true. In fact, success comes to those who get up with dedication and are always willing to work hard to reach their goals and Edmond Masjedi is one such person. If he is a successful person now, it is because of his sheer determination and willingness to work hard.

Edmond started his career quite the same way as most of the youngsters do. He got a good job in a private sector and worked hard to reach out to the top. During his life, he worked in the world of plastics as well as readymade garments, both the domains where he was able to show off his talent and reach out to great heights. Edmond Masjedi was not satisfied with the success that he received in the private sector which made him move onto the world of real estate, where again we could see his determination. Over the years, Edmond was able to find perfect and best quality homes for several families within their budget.

However, it was at the Snobar where Edmond Masjedi found his ultimate success. It was one fine evening when his wife Shannon who demanded him to prepare a unique and special drinks for her. It was then with the help of a few chefs and food specialists, that Edmond prepared a special alcohol-infused ice creams and ice pops. Not only his wife but also all the people living around admire what came out. Finally, what came out because of all this was the start of an entire sweet empire with the name of Snobar that spread the name of Edmond Masjedi.

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